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5 Delicious Foods That Are Shockingly Low In Calories 

5 Delicious Foods That Are Shockingly Low In Calories 

Imagine how it must feel to have a snack between meals and not feel guilty. Calorie-dense convenience food gives you a burst of energy that eventually sputters and leaves you burned out – and HUNGRY all over again.
Next time, add this vital list to your shopping cart; 5 delicious, low-calorie foods that will keep you fuller for longer.

Popcorn: Not the butter, cheese or caramel kind, but plain salted popcorn comes to around 31 calories a cup. This makes it a great high-fibre, low-calorie snack whenever you crave something salty.

Fruits: Bursting with juicy flavour and loaded with fibre, nutrients, and good sugars, fruits are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can have it whole, in a juice or as an assorted fruit bowl.

1 Apricot 17 Calories
5 Strawberries 20 Calories
1 Pineapple Slice 28 Calories
10 Grapes 35 Calories
½ Apple 37 Calories
1 Peach 38 Calories
½ Grapefruit 39 Calories
A Packet Of Raisins 42 Calories
10 Cherries 43 Calories
1 Kiwi 47 Calories
1 Cup, Cubed Watermelon 48 Calories

Veggie Salads: Whenever you’re hungry, snacking on raw veggies can be a great option since they’re high in fibre, vitamins, minerals as well as taste!

1 Slice Bell Pepper 2 Calories
1 Cup Fresh Spinach 7 Calories
1 Cup Romaine Lettuce 10 Calories
1 Cup Sliced Cucumber  14 Calories
1 Cup Steamed Cabbage 19 Calories
1 Tomato 22 Calories
5 Olives 26 Calories
1 Carrot 30 Calories
½ Cup Cooked Snow Peas 34 Calories
1 Cup Steamed Green Beans 40 Calories
1 Cup Steamed Beets 50 Calories

Yogurt: 100 gms Yogurt is 96 calories, very low in carbs & fat, and high in protein & healthy gut bacteria. Delicious and creamy, a spoonful of yogurt is considered helpful for new beginnings – such as your resolution to a healthier way of life.

Clear Soups: Soups fill you up while providing the added goodness of veggies without racking up the calorie count. They’re a great way to cheat your mind into feeling full, which is why most diets recommend a soup at the start of your meal.

Tomato Soup 65 Calories
Hot And Sour Soup 88 Calories
Lemon Coriander Soup 94 Calories
Mushroom Spinach Soup 125 Calories
Vegetable Soup 136 Calories

You don’t need to deprive yourself, but there’s no need to over-indulge, either. It’s completely natural to have hunger pangs, but it’s better to satiate them with food that scores high on both taste and health! What’s good for your taste-buds, can actually be good for you.

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