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9 Healthy Foods to Consume During Summers

9 Healthy Foods to Consume During Summers

The summer heat can leave you feeling drained and devoid of energy. Forget planning anything exciting, given a choice you’d rather lock yourself home with the A/C on full blast. Dehydration, stomach disorders, and chronic fatigue are some of the most common illnesses associated with this season. Therefore, it’s imperative to include hydrating and cooling fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re at your healthiest self.

Here’s a list of 9 healthy foods that will keep you cool and energised throughout the summer season.

Watermelon: Bring down the soaring temperature by biting into a juicy watermelon – nature’s gift to tackle the scorching conditions. Watermelons have 91.45 % water content and are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins A, B6 & C.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are an integral part of any summer diet. High in fibre and water content, cucumbers cleanse your system and keep you hydrated.

Curd: Whether it’s spiced buttermilk, sweet lassi, vegetable raita, or a fruity smoothie, you can consume curd in a variety of ways to cool your body. Curd is excellent for your tummy during the summer as it’s laden with probiotics, which help in maintaining a healthy gut.

Pure Ghee: According to Ayurveda, pure ghee stimulates digestive functions, is rich in anti-oxidants, and its cooling properties help regulate the body’s temperature. Ghee (in moderation) is beneficial to the immune system and also aids in the absorption of nutrients from your diet.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Leafy greens contain high amounts of water, apart from essential vitamins & minerals. With the exception of spinach, which is considered heating, include veggies like amaranth leaves, dill, lettuce and chard. Avoid overcooking these vegetables, and make them a part of your diet, especially in summers!

White Onion: White onions are considered to have cooling properties and can also protect against sunstroke. They are a storehouse of vitamin C, amino acids and phytonutrients. You can add white onions to your diet by having it as an accompaniment to vegetables, raita or curries.

Mint: Mint is a soothing herb that helps in cooling your body. You can enjoy variants such as mint chutney, adding mint to curd, spiced buttermilk or lime juice, and even a calming cup of mint tea.

Coconut Water: Move over aerated sugary beverages; no drink can beat the summer heat better than coconut water. Full of essential vitamins and minerals, coconut water is the perfect tropical coolant.

Lime Water: Lime water AKA nimboo pani, is a popular household summer drink. A glass of refreshing lime water aids in healthy digestion, relieves cramping and bloating, and detoxifies the body by cleansing the liver. Rich in vitamin C, lime water gives you glowing, clear skin and boosts your immune functions.
Protect yourself from the effects of summer’s heat, by making slight changes in your diet and lifestyle. The right seasonal foods will keep you refreshed and your energy levels brimming!

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