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A fashion guide for the perfect workout wear

A fashion guide for the perfect workout wear

Believe it or not; looking good goes a long way in making you feel good. At the gym, when you’re sweating your guts out and paving your way to a fitter body, you want to feel good while doing so. And, what you wear while lifting weights or running on the treadmill is motivation enough to go harder, isn’t it?
However, gym fashion comes with its own rulebook. You want to stay comfortable as you give your body a nice stretch, but that doesn’t mean you should wear unflattering clothes ever. A little glam here and there – and you’re sorted! Take note of the following dos and don’ts to help you not just work out better, but look trendy while doing so.


  1. Keep layering to a minimum. Just one top and bottom layer is good for a workout outfit.
  2. Choose clothes made with a blend of elastane. Apart from hugging your body nicely, they also wick sweat away, and move it to the fabric surface, where it evaporates and cools your body faster.
  3. Accessorise with trendy sweat bands, headbands, wrist bandages etc. as they make workout fun.
  4. Wear proper sports shoes that lend adequate support to your feet, and can handle the pressure of a workout.
  5. Make sure that the fabrics you pick help keep your nether areas dry while you’re working out.
  6. Wear comfortable, stretchable leggings that allow you to do squats and lunges with ease. They add to your comfort, and let you move much more freely.
  7. Wear a sports bra that gives you confidence to move effortlessly without making you feel conscious.
  8. Tie your hair into a bun or braid that doesn’t come in the way of your workout.


  1. Add unnecessary layers as they’ll only affect your movements and make you sweat more. Remember to prioritise breathability.
  2. Wear fabrics that promote sweating, and aren’t as stretchable. Additionally, pick darker colours that make sweat marks less visible.
  3. Wear jewellery or expensive watches to the gym! Not only do you have a chance of losing them, but they’ll heavily affect your movements.
  4. Wear sneakers to the gym! They’re just meant to look sporty.
  5. Pick super tight clothes that cause itchy skin rashes and chafing due to friction during the workout.
  6. Wear baggy shorts or pants to the gym! They look extremely unflattering, and don’t allow you to stretch your muscles properly.
  7. Wear regular bras as they don’t provide the support you need during heavy cardio and lifting.
  8. Leave your hair open. You’ll spend half the time tucking the strands away from your face.

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