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How To Choose The Right Sports Bra

How To Choose The Right Sports Bra

Irrespective of what breast size you have, every woman needs the right support, especially during exercise or physical activity. There’s a reason sports bras exist. The soft connective tissue in breasts (known as Cooper’s ligaments) supports and maintains its contour in a normal position. Physical movement makes breasts move up, down, sideways and even in a figure eight. Routine strain can permanently stretch out Cooper’s ligaments and result in discomfort, pain and sagging. Once these tissues break down, they do not spring back and the breast can lose its normal shape and silhouette.
Sports bras are designed to restrict this movement and motion, prevent chafing and lock your breasts in place. Therefore, every woman, any size, should own a sports bra that fits her perfectly.
Now moving on to choosing the right sports bra.
#1: Fit
The fit of your sports bra should obviously be tighter and more compact than a regular bra. At the same time, it should allow you to take in deep, easy and comfortable breaths. If the sports bra obstructs your movements, it would defeat its purpose.
#2: Band
A good sports bra supports you in the band as well as the cups.
The band should fit snugly under your bust on your rib cage and stay put. If the elastic band moves up when you raise your hands above your head, you might need to opt for a smaller band size.
Adjust the bra straps to ensure the back and front bands are parallel to each other. If the back of the elastic band is riding higher than the front, the band is too loose.
#3: Cups
The cup should fit over your breast, without any spillage over the top or from the sides by the underarm. If there is any bulging flesh, opt for the next size up.
Alternately, if the cup has gaps or feels loose, or the fabric is wrinkled, choose a smaller size.
#4: Straps
The straps should fit comfortably on your shoulders, not dig into your skin. Adjust the straps for the right support. Make sure there’s no friction or discomfort around your armholes, straps, seams or hooks.
#5: Fabric
Sweat can cause chafing and skin irritation. Instead of a cotton bra that stays wet, it’s best to choose a sports bra with moisture-wicking fabric. Sweat-wicking technology pulls moisture away from your skin, improving breathability.
#6: Good to go!
Jump up and down and jog on the spot! If your bra fits right, feels comfortable, is supportive, and provides complete motion control, you’ve found yourself the perfect sports bra.
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