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How To Properly Benefit From Supersets

How To Properly Benefit From Supersets

What Is A Superset?

 A superset is a combination of 2 exercises performed one after the other to increase the calories burned and better your progress. Since you get greater results in half the time, supersets are the best way to maximize your gym time.

Building Your Superset

There are 3 types of supersets:
#1: Antagonist Supersets
This is a set of two exercises involving opposing muscle groups.

  • A set of bicep curls and triceps curls.
  • A set of leg extensions with dead lifts or hamstring curls.

The set of two exercises allow one muscle group to rest while working out the other. Thus an antagonist set enables you to burn more calories while saving time than simply sticking to multiple reps of one exercise with breaks in between.

#2: Agonist Supersets
This is a set of two exercises involving the same muscle groups or muscle groups that assist each other.

  • A set of chest presses and push-ups.
  • A set of pull-ups and bicep curls.
  • A set of triceps kickback and chest presses.
  • A set of biceps curl and seated rows.

The set of two exercises, also called a compound set, enable you to incorporate more muscles in the same workout, thus increasing the intensity and output of your training. A pre-fatigue superset utilizes muscle groups that support each other. Thus, when you tire out the smaller muscle group, the other muscles work twice as harder, effectively improving your performance.

#3: Unrelated Supersets
This is a set of two exercises that are not related.

  • A set of lunges and pull-ups.
  • A set of squats and push-ups.

This set lets you expend more calories in a shorter duration while avoiding burnout.

Wrong Supersets: Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing the wrong pair of exercises can result in injuries and hold up your training.
#1: Do Not Work Your Core In-Between Other Exercises
If you’re using supersets, save your core for the end. Wearing out your core by pairing it with sets of heavy lifting, will rid you of the stability and support that lifting demands.
#2: Do Not Perform Compressive Exercises Back-To-Back
Balance compressive exercises such as goblet squats or barbell lunges with non-compressive moves like triceps dips, pull-ups, glute bridges or suspension exercises. Compressive exercises
are designed to compress your spine, which is why it’s a good idea to pair it with exercises that utilize your feet and keep your arms stable.
Thus the right sequence of supersets will yield incredible fitness results! Now that you know the benefits, get geared with the right workout wear and get ready to hit the gym.
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