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These tiny lifestyle changes can help reduce stress

These tiny lifestyle changes can help reduce stress

It’s a fact – we are more stressed today than ever before, and the wellness boom is upon us. Now you don’t need to overhaul the way you live and eat completely overnight – diets are passé – but a few simple lifestyle changes can help reduce your day-to-day stress levels.

Prioritise Me-time
Many of us are bogged down by to-do lists that are a mile long, and an inbox that’s always calling out with unanswered emails.  Add to that work commitments, taking children to & from their afternoon classes and household chores, and you probably feel overwhelmed.

By all means, create that to-do list – because starting your day unprepared is a recipe for stress. The key is to prioritize tasks and use the one-minute rule, which says that if you have a task at hand and it can be completed in one minute or less, do it. This will allow you to set aside some time for yourself each day, where you aren’t answering to other people. It can be as simple as a cup of tea, solo, or listening to a podcast.

Eat Well To Be Well
What you eat impacts the way you feel! Exercise coupled with a nutrient-dense diet is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Dark leafy greens (in fact, any food that is rich in chlorophyll) help beat stress. Stress leads to a loss of B Vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium, so you need to eat the right foods to keep everything in balance. You should also avoid stimulants like caffeine, sugar and high-processed foods.

Initially, meditation can be daunting: trying to keep your mind from wandering and thinking about a dozen different things. However, it gently pushes you to relax your mind and slow down for a few minutes each day. When you meditate, your brain is able to process your emotions better, and this helps you find an appropriate reaction to what you are feeling. So when you meditate, you are actually exercising your brain to respond better to your emotions! If you are new to meditation, you can try simply breathing in and out while focusing on the words “breathe in, breathe out”, thus clearing your mind – it’s as simple as that!

Step Away From Your Gadgets
Stepping away from technology and switching off – from email, social media and gadgets in general – can help avoid brain fog and give your mind some time to relax. Modern technology keeps you connected 24×7 and in a constant “alert,” state. Having your gadgets with you makes you feel compelled to answer every call and email, or go down the social media rabbit hole. So, be a little more vigilant about how long (and how often!) you are using your gadgets.

Commit To Be Fit
It’s no secret that breaking a sweat is a good way to boost your mood and reduce stress. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive mood.
There’s enough data to draw a link between exercise and well-being plus greater self-esteem. The chemical changes that occur when endorphins are released don’t just boost your mood, they also help you sleep better.
In fact, research has shown that people who spent just half an hour on the treadmill scored 25% lower on anxiety measurement tests.

So commit to be fit, and make it a part of your lifestyle. When fitness is factored into your everyday routine, you will feel better, because you are giving your body and mind a chance to hit the reset button!

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