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How to Wear Workout Clothes Outside the Gym

How to Wear Workout Clothes Outside the Gym

“Wait a second… you’re stepping out like THAT?” Maybe years ago, tip-toeing in your gym-gear would have warranted this reaction.

Fast-forward and the Athleisure trend darts in as your answer to comfort-wear that is effortlessly chic. Who knew something as comfortable as sweat pants could stretch all the way to trendy streetwear?

Here are 4 ways to nail the fashion-infused athletic trend that everyone from the likes of Rihanna, Kendall & Gigi[1] have been sporting on the high-street – the work-out being at your discretion!

Exercise? I Thought You Said Accessorize

Swap the gym tote for a glamorous hand bag or a bright cross-body sling purse. Wear it over a casual tee, sleek leggings and sneakers. Don’t forget your mirrored sunnies for the summer! Depending on your mood, opt for a messy top knot, side-braid or fabulous blow-dried hair.

I Wear Sneakers, She Wears High Heels

We know sneakers are the go-to when marrying party wear with sporty separates. Now switch things up a bit. Pair your joggers with single-strap heels or elegant pumps and wear a smart crop top or any cute mesh top.

Layer Game Strong

Tie a plaid shirt around your waist, or don a denim jacket, or even a leather jacket over your spandex tracks, tee and sneakers. You could dress up with a smart long coat as well. Try wearing a lacy bralette underneath a low cut sweater and chic leggings, if you’re feeling more daring.

Flirty, Sporty & Smart

Who said you can’t play around with your girly skirts & dresses? Pair a T-shirt dress or a flirty skater skirt & racer-back with a hoodie/bomber jacket, and sneakers of course. A pencil skirt with a graphic casual tee and sneakers can look incredibly smart as well.

Fitness wear is light-weight, moisture-wicking and comfortable. No wonder, sportswear has become the new casual. And with modern edgier styles, it becomes versatile enough to wear anywhere! For the perfect amalgamation of sporty chic, check out the separates by Athlete Fitness Wear. Let us know how you would style them outside the gym!

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