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Workout Tips: Why Warm Up & Stretching Are So Important

Workout Tips: Why Warm Up & Stretching Are So Important

Warming up and stretching are two very important components of any exercise routine. Any form of physical exercise is a strenuous activity, and the body must gradually be led to undertaking that strain. This is the purpose of a warm-up routine. Stretching after the exercise is essential to slowly bringing the body  to rest and ensuring that the muscles are eased after the routine.

Apart from helping the body gear up and relax before and after the exercise, a warm-up and stretch routine after exercising offers many health and wellness benefits.

Here are some benefits of a warm-up routine:

  1. It increases the body temperature to improve flexibility and enhance the performance.
  2. It gradually ‘warms up’ the muscles (increase the muscle temperature) so as to prevent injury.
  3. It dilates the blood vessels to reduce any stress on the heart due to physical exertion.
  4. A gradual increase in body and muscle temperature prevents any damage caused by sudden heating up.
  5. It stimulates hormone secretion and recharges the body with energy.
  6. Warming up also enhances mental concentration. It calms the mind and increases the level of focus.

The following are some benefits of a stretching routine:

  1. It relaxes the muscles and helps reduce any muscle tension caused by the exercise.
  2. It enhances your flexibility and allows you to increase the range of your motion.
  3. It increases your overall energy levels and allows you to feel recharged after the exercise.
  4. It improves muscle coordination by getting the body to move cohesively in a focused manner.
  5. It increases the blood circulation and lets the whole body benefit from the exercise.
  6. It prevents any post-exercise injuries.

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