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Nikhil Patil and Shreya Roy

Nikhil Patil and Shreya Roy About Masaai Fitness :
Masaai Fitness was launched by the dynamic duo - Nikhil Patil and Shreya Roy. The name is inspired by the Maasaitribe in Tanzania, considered the fittest ethnicity on Earth. The duo hopes to make this a reality for everyone in urban society with a result-oriented and scientific approach to fitness. Patil & Roy are here to build a fit community by reaching out to as many people as possible. Guided by: 'Knowledge shared is knowledge earned', their speciality is educating their clients and making them their own fitness and nutritional gurus. A living example of what they preach, they are here not only to transform people physically but mentally as well.

Hypertrophy vs Hyperplasia

The whole hustle and bustle of the fitness industry is to gain lean body mass (muscles). Before we get into the ...
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